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The Polishing Equipment is Delivered to the Customer's French Factory

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Cooperation Time: 5 Years

Industry: Medical Equipment Industry

Polishing Equipment

Equipment introduction:

The glass bottle of the polished bottle-turning machine is manually placed on the bottle-turning roller inside the equipment. In a low-temperature environment of 0-6°C, the bottle turning roller rotates the glass bottle through friction. After the glass bottle has rotated for a set time, HMI and three-color lights remind operators to take away the polished glass bottles corresponding to the coordinates. This equipment is mainly composed of the following four parts:

1. Bottle-turning assembly: The stepper motor drives the bottle-turning roller through the synchronous belt connection, and the polishing roller rotates at a constant speed to drive the glass bottle.

2. Refrigeration assembly: It is composed of refrigeration compressor, evaporator, condenser, temperature controller, and temperature sensor, which can realize 0-6°C adjustment, and the refrigerant is environmentally friendly.

3. Safety control system: When the door of the spinner chamber is opened, the inner spinner roller stops rotating.

4. PLC control: composed of HMI and PLC controller. It has the functions of parameter setting, motor speed regulation, manual debugging program, automatic running program, data display and storage.


Equipment parameters:

Cooling power: 2P / 1500W

Equipment power: 4KW

Power supply: three-phase AC380V-50Hz

Production capacity: 50 bottles/set/6 days

Glass bottle speed: 80±3 rpm

Polishing ambient temperature: 0-6°C

Ambient temperature requirement: 10-30°C

Equipment dimensions: L1350xW790xH1950mm

Application field: medical industry