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Automobile Water Pump Assembly Line was Delivered to Customer's Mexico Factory

The company is a global leader in the motor and components industry, with manufacturing factories in 22 countries and regions around the world. Under the 14-year strategic cooperation, more than 20 fully automatic motor assembly production lines have been customized and purchased successively, which has improved the efficiency of the company's automated production and reduced a lot of labor costs.

Cooperation time: 14 Years

Industry: Automotive Motor Assembly

Equipment introduction:

The completion process of the automobile water pump motor production line includes:

Armature section, rubber cover section, stator section and assembly section.


Equipment advantage:

1. The high degree of automation, automatic loading and unloading of all equipment.

2. No outside intervention is required until the finished product is output.

3. All equipment is modular design, high efficiency of the whole line.

4. The efficiency of the corresponding process can be coordinated by increasing the number of corresponding types of equipment, improving the efficiency of the entire line.

5. Strong versatility, can be transferred to most products of the same series of motors.

6. The conversion only needs to replace the corresponding fixtures and adjust the program parameters, without the need for a number of replacement parts and debugging.