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What's the Future Development Direction of New Energy Flat Wire Motors?

In the long term, the trend of flat wire motors is highly certain.


In the first half of 2021, the penetration rate of flat wire motors among the top 15 vehicle models in terms of sales reached 28%, compared to just 14% in 2020. It is anticipated that by 2025, the proportion of flat wire motors in the drive systems of new energy vehicles will exceed 80%.


With Tesla commencing deliveries of the Model 3/Y equipped with domestically-produced motors, the power and torque of the new models are expected to increase, leading to a new trend in the revolution of flat wire motors.


The domestic motor supply chain will benefit significantly, and the penetration rate of flat wire motors is expected to accelerate.


Miniaturization and high-speed performance will be the main development trends for motors in new energy vehicles, with miniaturization necessitating a significant increase in motor power density.


hairpin motor


Due to the compact advantages of flat wire motors, they will be prioritized for widespread application in hybrid vehicle models.


At the same time, the proportion of dual-motor vehicle models is expected to increase. Therefore, the motor deployment in dual-motor vehicle models will further grow. Oil-cooled motors and flat wire motors are poised to become new important development directions.


The emergence of flat wire motors is primarily in response to the demand in the new energy vehicle market for efficient and lightweight products. Compared to traditional round wire motors, flat wire motors exhibit higher efficiency and power density.


In the future, flat wire motors will continue to enhance their efficiency and power density to meet the demand in the new energy vehicle market for efficient and lightweight products.


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hairpin motor assembly line

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