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HONEST Won the Title of "The Most Influential Enterprise in New Energy Motor Production Line in Guangdong Province in 2023"

From December 26 to 28, 2023, the 2023 China Motor Industry Chain Conference, with the theme of "Intelligent Leads Change, Efficiently Drives the Future", was held in Changzhou, China, with Wangcai New Media as the organizer, HONEST HLS as the general title sponsor, PPGFS as the co-sponsor, and Tongda China, Wuxi InfiMotion Propulsion Technology Co., Ltd., Changzhou Electric Motor Industry Driving and Control Innovation Union, and TIMER as the special co-sponsors.


At this 2023 annual meeting, we won the "Top 10 Most Influential Motor Supplier Companies in Guangdong Province 2023 (Motor Production Line)" and the "Top 10 Most Influential Motor Supplier Companies in Guangdong Province 2023 (New Energy Motor Production Line)". We are grateful for the recognition of our achievements in the field of motor equipment and the encouragement of our continuous innovation and pursuit of excellence.



On December 27, at the plenary session of the 2023 China Motor Industry Chain Conference, Huaguo Zhou, co-founder and chairman of HONEST, delivered a speech as a guest. Firstly Mr. Zhou expressed his gratitude to the platform and every participant, and then talked about how HONEST is committed to the corporate vision of becoming the number one brand in the field of motor intelligent equipment in China so that manufacturing operators do not have to worry about not recruiting enough people for production, as well as the concepts of HONEST, integrity, innovation, rigor, adult self-realization, and lifelong learning.



At the plenary meeting, HONEST co-founder Jianyong Liao, as the company representative, delivered a speech on the theme of how to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and how to achieve flexible production.


In his speech, Mr. Liao said that through the automation technology upgrading of equipment, intelligent manufacturing concept, and traditional motor manufacturing process, HONEST is efficiently and steadily improving the efficiency and quality of hairpin motor production, to solve the single category, large investment, slow changeover and other industry challenges.



In addition to equipment iteration, HONEST’s high-speed composite mold wire-making technology has increased the wire-making efficiency of hairpin motors to 1 second, while ensuring the flatness of the wire shape, which is more conducive to automatic molding of wire cups, greatly improving production efficiency. See the picture below for a detailed process:


It is worth mentioning that whether it is H-pin or X-pin twisted wire welding terminal accuracy, it can achieve high-precision control of ±0.2mm.


The entire line can realize H-pin and X-pin stators with different outer diameters, different numbers of slots, different heights, and different slot widths (copper wire specifications) common production, to achieve the hardware manipulator automatic switching+software on the touch screen one-key switching technology to achieve the whole line of rapid mold change, change to the product out of the time has been greatly reduced, making the line of flexible high-speed production.


The participants at the conference were all very interested in our innovative technology and came to our booth to understand and communicate with HONEST’s technical and business personnel.



As a national high-tech enterprise specializing in motor intelligent equipment, HONEST is China’s leading provider of intelligent motor assembly solutions. In 2024, which has already arrived, HONEST intelligent Equipment will continue to adhere to the concepts of innovation, high speed, and automation, lead the development trend of the motor manufacturing industry, and contribute to the development of the motor industry.

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