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Automobile gearbox gear motor assembly line

Automobile gearbox gear motor assembly line

This motor assembly line is used in the production of automobile gearbox gear motors. The main processes include: stator winding, copper sheet pressing, stator performance testing, shell coating, stator pressing bearing, permanent magnet installation, rotor injection molding, magnetization, assembly Circlip, pressure bearing, wiring bridge bracket bearing hole coated with grease, O-ring coated with grease and, installation of wave gasket, press-fit shaft head magnet, installation of PCB board, hot-melt fixed column, airtightness testing and so on.


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  • 01

    The manipulator handling module is responsible for the in and out of materials, with strong compatibility, low failure rate and high grasping accuracy

  • 02

    Double-speed chain transmission, accurate and stable conveying speed, can ensure precise synchronization

  • 03

    Beautiful structure, low practical noise; multi-function, high degree of automation

  • 04

    Assembly line tray coding design, system automatic equipment tray coding, realize product traceability

  • 05

    Conveying is made of special aluminum profile, easy to install

  • 06

    The winding machine is three-pin winding, precise winding, precise processing of trimming and clamping, and the hook mechanism completes the perfect fit of the transition line

Equipment parameters

  • The scope of application

  • Automobile brushless motor

  • Loading mode

  • Manually swing the tray and load the material, the robot automatically grabs it, and the double-speed chain transfer between the equipment.

  • Unloading mode

  • The manipulator grabs into the double-speed chain tray, and the finished product is manually unloaded

  • Production efficiency

  • CT≤36S/PCS

  • Power

  • Whole line 100KW

  • Gas pressure

  • 0.45-0.65MPa

  • Power supply

  • AC 220V/380V   50HZ

  • Frame size

  • The whole line is about 27 meters long, 6.3 meters wide and 1.8 meters high

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