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Motor gearbox part automatic assembly machine

Motor gearbox part automatic assembly machine

This machine used in the field of automotive power windows and is applied module and flexible design to make the scheme more efficiency to make it more compatible that it can save the type change cost. The main process contains gearbox loading, gearbox bearing assembly, virtual position greasing, product line changing, gearbox assembly, welding of circlip breathable film, air-tightness, air tightness electrification test, performance test, marking, noise test, packing, etc.


Product details



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  • 01

    The production process data is bound to the barcode information, which is convenient for traceability and quality analysis.

  • 02

    The equipment is equipped with special safety gratings, safety door locks, etc. for personal safety protection

  • 03

    Equipped with high-precision sensors, visual inspection systems, for leak-proof installation, less installation, wrong installation and quality inspection

  • 04

    Modulized, flexible design can make the line compatible with different types

  • 05

    The ultrasonic welding of the box cover and the breathable film is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The strength and stability of the welding point are improved.

  • 06

    Through reasonable logic program design, various complex assembly, inspection can be completed, and the continuity and stability of the equipment in the production process can be ensured

Equipment parameters

  • Efficiency

  • ≤ 5 S /PCS(CT)

  • Compatible product

  • 10 types

  • Exchange time

  • No more than 30Min

  • Pass rate

  • More than 99%

  • Full-day time utilization

  • More than 90%

  • Air pressure

  • 0.4MPa~0.6MPa
  • Voltage

  •  AC220V/380V  50HZ

  • Power

  • About 50 KW

  • Full-day time utilization

  • More than 90%

  • Control Method

  • PLC + Proface

  • Physical dimension

  • 23(L)*6.5(W)*2(H)m

  • Application area

  • Automotive power window field

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