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Application fields of Micro-motor Automation Equipment

Micro-motor automation equipment has become an important component of industrial machinery and equipment, electrical products, automobiles, and other products. Micro-motors are often used in control systems or transmission mechanical loads to achieve electromechanical signal or energy detection, analytical calculation, amplification, execution or Conversion, and other functions. Application industry includes:

1. Motors for automobiles

Automobile needs continue to increase.

The automatic quantitative electronic fuel injection system replaces the traditional carburetor, and the ABS brakes are replaced by motors. The automobile has increased from a dozen motors to 30 or 40, and even more than 80 are used. Motorcycles The starter motor replaces the pedal method, and portable rechargeable power tools have gradually become diversified. Electric vehicles required for environmental protection in the future will require high-performance DC motors.

2. Home appliance motor

Micromotor and control technology are the core technologies of modern home appliances. There are many types of home appliances and machinery, which belongs to the mature market. The new machinery attaches great importance to multi-function, energy-saving, low noise, and low vibration, which is in line with the high-quality effect of the design, production, and testing of home appliances in the future.

3. Medical, communications, and computer products. There are more and more varieties of high-precision small motors used in such products. With electronic control, they have high added value and have great potential for future development.

4. Micromotors for power tools. High-end power tools and household appliances have increasingly strict requirements on motor performance.


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