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Assembly Process of the Fully Automatic Micro-motor Assembly Line

The assembly process of the fully automated micro-motor production line mainly consists of the following 5 steps:


1. Rotor assembly: Iron core feeding machine, winding machine, spot welding machine, dispenser machine, glue machine, assemble fan machine, balancing machine, fine turning machine, test system, meson machine, rotor blanking machine, etc.


2. Big shell assembly: big shell feeding machine, magnet stone machine, dispenser machine, glue machine, bearing machine, etc.


3. Small shell assembly: Small shell feeding machine, find location, bearing enter, carbon crystal enters the brush holder, electric brush insertion, Rivet press in, etc.


4. Motor assembly: Assembly of rotor, big shell and small shell. Motor accessory assembly. Simple and efficient motor automatic assembly machine.


5. Motor accessory assembly: Assembly of accessories such as gearbox, worm, protective magnetic coil.

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