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Technology Innovation and Upgrade of Drive Motor Production Line for New Energy Vehicles

With the rapid development of new energy vehicles, the drive motor is one of the key components, and the technological innovation and upgrading of its production line has become particularly important. As a leading enterprise in the industry, HONEST has carried out active technological innovation and upgrading in the production line of drive motors, and has made important contributions to the development of new energy vehicles.


1. The Degree of Automation of the Drive Motor Production Line Has Been Continuously Improved.



①Application of Automation Equipment

HONEST drive motor production line has introduced a large number of advanced automation equipment, such as automatic assembly robots, automatic testing equipment, etc., which has greatly improved the automation of the production line.


② Data Collection and Analysis

Through the data acquisition system, the operation of the production line is monitored in real time, the key data in the production process are analyzed, potential problems are found and adjusted in time, which improve the stability and efficiency of the production line.


2. Optimize Production Line Layout and Improve Production Efficiency


① Optimization of Production Line Layout

HONEST has rationally optimized the layout of the drive motor production line, rationally connecting each production link, minimizing material handling and waiting time, and improving production efficiency.


② Optimization of Production Cycle Time

By optimizing the process tact time and the collaborative operation of automation equipment, the production cycle is effectively shortened and the production capacity of the drive motor is improved.


3. Focus on Personnel Training and Promote Technological Innovation


① Talent Training Plan

HONEST pays attention to staff training and technical improvement, and has established a comprehensive talent training plan to enable employees to master advanced production technology and provide strong support for technological innovation.


② Technical Innovation Practice

HONEST actively encourages employees to carry out technological innovation practices, and promotes the continuous upgrading and improvement of drive motor production line technology.


4. Strict Implementation of Quality Control to Improve Product Quality

① Strict Quality Inspection

HONEST has set up strict quality inspection links on the drive motor production line to ensure that the products have undergone strict inspections during the production process and before leaving the factory, so as to improve the stability and reliability of the products.


② Continuous Improvement

Through data analysis and user feedback, HONEST continues to improve product design and manufacturing processes, and continuously improve product quality and performance.


In the practice of technological innovation and upgrading of the drive motor production line, HONEST continuously promotes the improvement of automation, pays close attention to quality control, strives to realize the technological innovation and upgrade of the drive motor production line, and contributes its own strength to the prosperity and development of the new energy automobile industry.​

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