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Fully Automatic Motor Assembly Line Customization

The market demand for motors is increasing. Traditional assembly methods require many workers to produce. Labor costs increase, and the quality and efficiency of the motors are not guaranteed.



The production process cannot be traced back, and problems cannot be solved in time when problems occur, resulting in excessive losses. Therefore, if you want to beat your competitor, you must change the current production method. Investing in fully automated production equipment to improve the production efficiency and quality of the motor. Honest Automation has focused on the customization of motor assembly line for more than 15 years. At present, the customized motor automation assembly line is developing in the direction of automation, intelligence, and modularization.


In addition to achieving fully automated assembly, it can also track and control the quality of the motor. Each important process is equipped with automatic inspection of the pros and cons of the motor, and the motor is automatically processed, and the inspection efficiency is greatly improved by using machine vision instead of manual inspection. In the motor inspection process in the factory, the automatic inspection function of the machine vision system is used, which has the characteristics of fast speed, high accuracy and high efficiency. 360°appearance inspection, the system software analysis accurately judges whether the wiring is reasonable, the whole process takes less than one second, if there is any defective product, it will be selected for improvement to ensure the quality of the factory product.


Investing in new motor automation assembly equipment can directly increase per capita production capacity and reduce business costs. Replace labor with machinery, solve the pressure of the aging population and reduce labor costs. Reduce production intensity, reduce production costs, and increase corporate profit margins. Driven by the demonstration of the project of investing in automation equipment, more companies will also be able to understand and participate in the transformation and upgrading of the motor manufacturing industry, so as to improve the quality and efficiency of the entire industry. Honest Automation will continue to develop and customize more intelligent, faster and more efficient motor automation production line equipment.

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