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Fully Automated Motor Production Equipment

Motors produced by automatic automobile motor production equipment are used in the field of automobile water pumps, and micromotors are often used as water circulation, cooling or water supply systems on cars. 

The entire line of motor fully automated production equipment has a cycle time of 2.5s per piece. The equipment is modular in design and has a high degree of automation. No offline intervention is required until the finished product is delivered. The efficiency of the corresponding process can also be coordinated by increasing the number of equipment of the corresponding type, thereby improving the efficiency of the entire line. Strong versatility, can transfer most of the 0~5 series products. The conversion model only needs to replace the corresponding fixtures and adjust the program parameters, without a large number of replacement parts and debugging.


The main process of the motor fully automated production equipment is divided into four stages. Armature section Iron core automatic feeding, commutator assembly, winding, spot welding, precision turning, meson assembly, armature performance test. The plastic cover section includes plastic cover cup assembly, terminal assembly, carbon precision assembly, electric brush assembly, and plastic cover swing plate blanking. The stator segment includes iron cup assembly, magnet and slingshot assembly, dust collection and magnetization. The assembly section includes motor assembly, motor shaft out virtual position inspection, motor no-load performance test, motor swing plate and blanking. Scope of application the rotor outer diameter is φ23, the rotor shaft diameter is φ2.3, the thickness of the iron core is less than 40, the yield rate is more than 99%, and the utilization rate of the whole day is more than 90%.



Honest Automation has been committed to the research and development of customized motor automation equipment. It has not only developed automobile water pump motor production line, but also successfully developed automobile oil pump motor, brake motor, tail box motor, gearbox, glass lifters and other motor production line. We have more than 600 successful cases of the motor assembly line, and 15 years of research and development experience can help companies realize unmanned production workshops and tailor-made motor automation assembly solutions for customers.

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