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Competitive Landscape and Market Demand in the Field of New Energy Hairpin Motor

The current competitive landscape of new energy hairpin motor on the market is fierce competition, and domestic and foreign motor manufacturers are working hard to develop and promote hairpin motor technology.


The penetration rate of hairpin motor is increasing rapidly, especially in the field of E-Mobility, where more than 40% of brands have begun to use hairpin motors.



Jingda is particularly outstanding in this regard. They have begun to increase the production capacity of new energy vehicle flat wire motors on a large scale. In 2022, the sales volume of flat wire motors exceeded 19,500 tons/year.


Besides, the demand for hairpin motor is also growing rapidly.


According to predictions, by 2025, the global demand for hairpin motor may reach hundreds of thousands of tons.


The field of E-Mobility has very high requirements for drive motors, which require high efficiency, high power density, high integration, and low cost.


As a high-efficiency, low-cost drive motor, hairpin motor are favored by E-Mobility manufacturers.


Tesla, Volkswagen, BMW, Ford, Geely, Honda and Toyota, as well as brands such as Li Auto, Xpeng, NIO and Nezha have all begun to use flat wire motors, and this proportion is still rising.

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