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HAHN Automation and HONEST HLS Have Joined Forces to Create a New Chapter in the European Market

HAHN and HONEST HLS Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement to Lay Out the Global Market


On January 31, 2024, Mr. Frank, the founder of HAHN Automation, visited HONEST HLS for an inspection. The meeting was so significant that both parties signed a strategic cooperation agreement and established a partnership. It marks that two industry giants have officially joined hands to open a new chapter in the European market.


After in-depth inspection and communication, the willingness of both parties to cooperate was further strengthened and the signing was completed. This moment is not only the establishment of another important stronghold of HONEST HLS in the European market but also a historic moment for HONEST HLS and HAHN to jointly promote the development of the European market.


(Left: Mr. Frank, founder of HAHN; Right: Mr. Zhou, manager of HONEST HLS)


In the conference room, representatives from both parties not only gave a comprehensive and in-depth introduction to their respective company history, business scope, technical strength, and so on but also had an in-depth discussion on the future direction of cooperation and market layout.


Subsequently, Mr. Frank personally visited the HONEST HLS workshop and conducted an on-site inspection of the production process and technical characteristics of each motor automation production equipment. He fully recognized HONEST HLS’s attention to detail, persistence in quality, and pursuit of technology.



HAHN highly appreciated HONEST HLS’s outstanding performance in technology research and development, product innovation, and market layout; expressed his sincere admiration for HONEST HLS’s outstanding achievements in the field of high-precision intelligent equipment and the high-end instruments configured in the factory; HONEST HLS’s innovative strength and craftsmanship spirit were fully affirmed.



The potential of the European market is huge. In 2024, the cooperation between HONEST and HAHN will bring new opportunities to both parties' layout in the European market. We firmly believe that win-win cooperation is the golden key to opening the European market. Let us work together to write a new chapter in the European market!


Special Note: HAHN Automation is a global specialty machinery manufacturer dedicated to developing innovative solutions for the automation of assembly and test processes. Through years of experience, innovative development, and high-quality awareness, HAHN has grown into one of the world's leading mechanical engineering companies.

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