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New Beginnings, Shared Futures: HONEST’s Inaugural New Employee Symposium 2024

In a strategic initiative to familiarize newcomers with the company, enhance communication, and accelerate integration into corporate culture, the Human Resources and Administration Department of HONEST hosted the inaugural “ New Employee Symposium for 2024.” The event was held in the company’s Conference Room No.1 from 16:00 to 18:00 on April 28, 2024.


Director Liang from the Second R&D Department, along with recruitment specialists Tan and Lu from the Human Resources Department, graced the event with their presence. They were joined by 23 fresh talents from various departments who joined HONEST in March.


The symposium was ably moderated by Tan, who began by extending a warm welcome and expressing sincere gratitude to the new employees on behalf of HONEST.



The event was designed to facilitate a deeper understanding of HONEST and to enhance the sense of team spirit and unity among the new hires. Director Liang’s welcome address was particularly inspiring, revealing his welcome and encouragement to new employees. Behind every word of encouragement was the expectation for them.


The symposium culminated in an interactive Q&A session, allowing new employees to freely express their thoughts and resolve any confusion. This open dialogue was instrumental in building mutual understanding and familiarity.


We believe that with the addition of every new member, HONEST is set to forge an even brighter path into the future.

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