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HONEST Honored with the 2024 Super Brand Golden Lion Award, Highlighting the Innovative Power of Chinese Brands

Driven by the surge in Chinese brand construction, on May 18, 2024, the brand special event “2024 Super Brand Innovation Conference” which was the highly anticipated China Brand Day and the 8th Shenzhen (Bay Area) International Brand Week, was solemnly held in Shenzhen.


With the theme “The Power of Brands”, the conference gathered hundreds of Chinese business leaders, experts, and marketing elites to showcase new achievements of Chinese brands, share new wisdom, and continuously drive Chinese brands forward!



During the climax of the conference, the award ceremony for the “2024 Super Brand Golden Lion Award” became the focus. The award is designed to recognize enterprises that excel in brand innovation and market performance. At the conference, several outstanding Chinese brands, including HONEST, were honored with this award, leading the development trend of Chinese brands with the power of role models.



As one of the award-winning enterprises, this honor not only affirms HONEST’s relentless exploration in the field of innovation and significant growth but also encourages its commitment to innovation. HONEST stated that it will continue to focus on technological innovation, constantly develop new technologies and products, and contribute to the innovative development of Chinese brands.

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