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Automobile electric tailgate motor production line

Automobile electric tailgate motor production line

The motor automation production line is used in the assembly and production of automobile electric tailgate motors. The equipment consists of three parts: rotor assembly section, magnetic bottom assembly section and motor assembly section, which are the core components. The modular and flexible design of the equipment also makes the motor automation production line more flexible and has a wide range of product compatibility. Its equipment is compatible with the assembly and production of 14 types of motors, which greatly reduces the cost of production changeovers for enterprises.


Product details



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  • 01

    Equipped with high-precision sensors and visual inspection systems to prevent missing, under-installed, wrong-installed and post-installation quality inspections.

  • 02

    The equipment is equipped with special safety grating and door locks for personal safety protection.

  • 03

    When the equipment is abnormal, an abnormal alarm will be displayed on the screen, indicating the abnormal location, which is convenient for manual operation.

  • 04

    The high degree of process integration, small equipment size and saving materials.

  • 05

    The equipment is compatible with the assembly and production of 14 types of motors, and the product transformation can be carried out by invoking programs and quick tooling changes through the human interface.

  • 06

    The commutator turning process is equipped with positive and negative turning to ensure turning accuracy.

Equipment parameters

  • Efficiency

  • 3.6s/pcs

  • Compatible product

  • 14 types

  • Exchange time

  • No more than 30Min

  • Voltage

  • AC220V/380V 50HZ

  • Air pressure

  • 0.4-0.6MPa

  • Pass rate

  • ≥99%
  • Utilization rate

  •  The whole line≥90%

  • Power

  • 100 KW

  • Application field

  • Automobile electric tailgate

  • Physical dimension

  • U-shaped arrangement: 28(L)*7.5(W)*2(H)m

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