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The Development Trend of the Global Motor Industry

According to the development trend of the global motor market, the main performance includes:


1. High efficiency, specialization and integration


From the perspective of the distribution of motor system power sales, low-power motors still dominate the market. 1-4KW motors account for 21% of total sales, and 5-40KW motors account for 26% of total sales. Foreign medium and small motors are developing in the direction of high efficiency, specialization and integration.



2. Micro motor


With the internationalization of the global economy, the micro motor industry also tends to internationalize production, logistics, and sales. Micro motors are important basic products for factory, household, and office automation. As electronic products continue to appear in our lives, the requirements for micro-motor products are also increasing, which promotes the development of the micro-motor industry.


3. Energy conservation


In recent years, energy conservation and emission reduction have received extensive attention in countries around the world. Data show that the electricity consumption of electric motors in the world accounts for more than half of the total electricity consumption of all countries in the world, and about 60% of industrial electricity consumption. Therefore, the improvement of the efficiency of the motor system is of great significance to energy saving. At present, Europe, the United States, Canada and other countries and regions have formulated corresponding energy-saving grades to promote energy-saving and emission-reduction in the motor industry.



Prospects for the global motor industry:


Due to strict electricity standards and rising electricity prices, the global demand for high-efficiency and energy-saving motors is increasing. The continuous increase in market drive system output has also increased the demand for motors. In addition, strict standards in the design and manufacturing process improve the efficiency of motors and encourage global manufacturers to develop high-efficiency and energy-saving motors. The demand trend of motors is steadily shifting from standard-efficiency motors to high-efficiency motors. However, the lack of awareness of the advantages of energy-efficient motors and the high initial purchase cost is promoting the rapid development of energy-efficient motors.


According to official media forecasts, the global industrial motor market is recovering. In the next 5 years, the global industrial motor market is expected to develop at a comprehensive annual growth rate of 7%-7.5%. It is expected to reach US$950 billion by 2023.



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