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Intelligence & Efficient New Energy Vehicle Hairpin Motor Stator Winding Automation Equipment

With the development of emerging technologies, the hairpin motor has been used in many fields, including new energy vehicle motors, wind generators, thermal generators, locomotive motors, etc. The characteristics of new energy vehicle motors include high power, small size, high torque, high speed, etc. Changing from a round copper wire design to a flat copper wire design, the effective copper area of the hairpin motor can be increased by more than 20%, the effective copper slot full rate of the traditional motor is only about 45%, and the hairpin motor can achieve about 70%, winding surface area and heat dissipation area is wide, the gap between each turn of the winding is small, and the heat conduction is better.



However, the hairpin motor has higher molding requirements and greater processing difficulties than round wire motors, because the flat wire is easy to damage, resulting in the actual processing, the yield rate of the flat wire is much lower than that of the round wire. In addition, there are many flat wire processing procedures, much initial investment, high design and development costs, and relatively high requirements for its production equipment.


HONEST focus on non-standard motor manufacturing equipment for 14 years. we obtained more than 100 national patent certificates and more than 400 successful cases of motor assembly lines. The new energy hairpin motor stator assembly line has high reliability and its servo motor adopts M3 bus control, the key parts are all independently processed by precision equipment, and the standard parts are all of the world's top brands. We support intelligent production, including lifespan management of key components, face recognition, real-time traceability, upload and distribution of production data, and docking with MES systems, the efficiency of the automatic line equipment can be as high as 24s/pcs. HONEST new energy hairpin motor stator winding automation equipment can help cooperative enterprises to reduce labor costs and improve product quality and efficiency.


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