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The Reasons of motor manufacturers prefer customized DC motors

DC motors mainly rely on DC power to operate. Brushed DC motor through internal direction conversion, fixed permanent magnets and rotating electromagnets directly generate torque from the direct current of the motor. Brushless DC motors include the advantages of low starting cost, high reliability, simple speed regulation, and long lifespan, the disadvantage is that it requires frequent maintenance. The synchronous motor(such as brushless DC motor and step motor) need to generate torque from external commutation. Brushless DC motors use rotating permanent magnets in the rotor and fixed electromagnets on the motor housing. And the motor controller converts direct current into alternating current.



The design and customization of DC motors require a professional motor manufacturing solution design team. Mechanical engineers work directly with customers to exactly meet the customer's application requirements, so that the customer will eventually obtain a motor manufacturing design solution that meets the application program and maximize the performance of the customized motor. When customers continue to improve the performance of the motor, they will also have stricter requirements on the production equipment. Shenzhen HONEST Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd has focused on non-standard customized motor manufacturing equipment for 14 years. We can provide a complete assembly plan and feasibility suggestions to the motor manufacturer.


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