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School-enterprise alliance practical lesson. Class FUS-EMBA2102 visited Honest.

The chief representatives of Evergreen China, Mr. Li, Professor Lian Jin, the head teacher Mr. Shi and the whole class of FUS-EMBA2102, in order to better flexibly apply the theoretical knowledge learned in the classroom, at the end of the "Corporate Strategy" After the "Location" course, I came to our company to visit and carry out school-enterprise alliance practical classroom exchange and learning.

After arriving at the company, Mr. Zhou introduced in detail the company's development history and the iterative update of our non-standard customized automation and intelligent equipment technology. In the early days of its establishment, Honest was positioned as a professional customized winding machine and spot welding machine and other stand-alone equipment, and in 2009, the first domestically developed four-axis automatic winding machine was successfully tested, and mass production was achieved in the same year, breaking the monopoly of foreign equipment. In 2012, the company independently developed the first domestic brushed DC motor production line, and invested in the customer's factory in the same year, bringing customers a 10-year order from BMW. To help customers achieve industrial upgrading, this customer was successfully listed in April 2021. In 2016, we independently developed a fully automated assembly production line for brushless motors, which was put into mass production in customer factories in the same year, with a production efficiency of 5s/pcs, opening the way to automation in the field of brushless motors. In 2018, in order to better serve customers, we successively established four branches in Chengdu, Dalian, Ningbo and Suzhou. In order to meet the needs of market development and keep up with the development trend of the party's dual carbon policy of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, the company launched a new energy flat wire (card issuance) motor production line in 2020 and the independent research and development and production of 5G inductance coil automation equipment.

After Mr. Zhou's introduction, Professor Lian Jin put forward his own suggestions and thoughts based on the course content and the development of Honest. Professor Lian Jin said that Honest is currently in a good time for development. It needs to transform its technological advantages into a wide range of external social cognition, and at the same time transform the acquired specialization and new advantages into brand advantages. Specialization and specialization: Specialization is positioning, precision is in place, specialization is unique, and newness must be iterated on the basis of specialization and specialization. Honest can amplify the honor, enhance its influence, and take advantage of the situation to spread the popularity of Honest.

Finally, Mr. Li, Professor Lian Jin, the chief representative of Evergreen China, and Mr. Shi, the head teacher, awarded Zhou the "Excellent Student" plaque and presented a set of "Evergreen" books. Excellent students can also be regarded as a label of President Zhou and President Liao. The two bosses are tireless in learning. People often say: "Live until you are old and learn when you are old". This sentence is very suitable for them. There is no end to learning, and you can go far. Not only learn by yourself, but also lead the entire company. study. A wave of learning has been set off, and all departments have learned new knowledge and improved their professional capabilities. While enriching themselves, their work has been improved to a higher level. Only in this way can we improve the competitiveness of the enterprise, enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, improve the combat effectiveness of the enterprise, increase the return on investment, effectively solve various problems, and better serve customers!

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