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Wuhan University of Science and Technology Students Visited HONEST

In order to enhance the technical understanding of automated intelligent equipment, deepen school-enterprise cooperation, expand students’ horizons, cultivate professional awareness, and improve practical literacy, more than 70 teachers and students from Wuhan University of Science and Technology came to HONEST to visit and study on April 15, 2024. Under the guidance of professional explanations, teachers and students walked into the vision of motor automation assembly equipment, had close contact with the production process, production technology, and production steps of intelligent equipment, and felt the technical empowerment of intelligent automation equipment.



When the teachers and students arrived, Mr.Luo, HR Manager, introduced the development history and corporate culture of HONEST in detail. HONEST was founded in 2007 and is a national high-tech enterprise and a national small giant enterprise. It has focused on non-standard customized fully automated intelligent assembly for 17 years, and mainly engaged in the research and development, production, and sales of intelligent equipment, and provides digital and intelligent overall solutions for leading companies in new energy vehicles, rail transit, industry, and other fields.


What’s more, Mr.Luo said that throughout the history of industry development, HONEST’s motor automation assembly equipment not only can significantly improve customers’ product production efficiency and quality but also meet specific needs, promoting product technology innovation reducing labor costs and increasing efficiency. In the future, HONEST will continue to provide intelligent equipment for new energy vehicles, rail transit, industry, and other fields, and promote product flexibility and intelligent production lines.


Later, when they came to the HONEST assembly workshop, Mr.Luo systematically introduced the relevant content of motor non-standard customized assembly equipment to the students. It covered the basic principles of the product, product technology, and the development prospects of the industry. They also witnessed the details of automated motor assembly equipment and got a better understanding of the irreplaceability of motor intelligent automation production lines.



After visiting, teachers and students all highly praised HONEST’s creative abilities in the field of motors automated assembly technologies, and deeply experienced HONEST’s vision of “We are committed to becoming the first brand in the field of motor intelligent equipment in China”.The study tour not only made students combine theory and practice better but also improved communication between the company and the university.



HONEST, as a national high-tech enterprise and a national small giant enterprise, highly values talent recruitment and development, to achieve precise alignment between professional capabilities and industry demands, with a two-way approach that ensures enterprises have their needs met and universities provide the necessary services. In the future, HONEST will continue to build a talent development system, creating a university-enterprise cooperation platform for education that is characterized by complementary advantages, resource sharing, and mutual benefits through interaction.

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