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BLDC Motor Winding Machine and Motor Production Line Solution

With the development of global industrial intelligence 4.0, enterprises and factories are also transforming, and the field of the motor market is getting larger and larger. Brushless DC motors have advantages such as high speed, large output torque and longer lifespan, which quickly occupy many motor markets. Due to price and output restrictions, brushless motors are mostly used in the aviation field. In recent years, the rapid development of machining technology and the reduction of motor production costs have made brushless DC motors also pay attention to more fields. At present, they are widely used in automobiles, home appliances, industrial control, medical and other fields.



The demand for brushless DC motors is increasing, and their production methods are gradually becoming more and more intelligent. Comparing the production line equipment of brushless DC motor developed by HONEST with the manual production line of the customer: 32 laborers are saved, the production efficiency is also increased by 3 to 4 times, and the yield rate can reach 98%. The components of the equipment are all high-end mainstream brands, with the advantages of guaranteed quality and high durability. The main processes of its bldc motor production line include circuit board installation, pressing shaft, gluing, drying, etc. for the base section; gluing, pressing the shell, mounting magnet, and finalizing the rotor section; for the stator section, stator winding Wire, solder, full circle, etc. Assembly section: assembly equipment for feeding, assembling, gluing, drying, testing and accessory tooth box section.



HONEST has been committed to providing high-end, quality and efficient motor automation equipment for micro-motor manufacturers. The main products include micro-motor (brushed and brushless) automated production lines and partially automated assembly lines for rotors, end caps, stators, three-piece combinations, etc., which can provide a complete set of DC brushless motor production line assembly solutions to the motor manufacturer.


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