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Motor Rubber Cover Automated Assembly Equipment is Delivered to the Customer's Factory

This production line is applied to the assembly of the rubber cover section of the automotive motor manufacturing equipment. The equipment efficiency reaches 4s/pcs and is compatible with three products. There are 2 types of plugs, no need to replace parts when transferring the model. The loading cycle time is long, the empty tray and the full tray can store about 24 trays each, and the conversion interval is about 60 minutes. There are 4 main production process monitoring: depression monitoring, butt welding station temperature monitoring, butt welding pressure monitoring, and visual system monitoring. The pass rate can reach more than 98%. Adopt the PLC+touch screen control method.



The automatic assembly equipment of rubber cover mainly completes the processes of loading, carbon crystal and plug butt welding, capacitor and plug butt welding, pre-assembly of rubber cover and plug assembly, terminal riveting, pushing carbon crystal and slingshot, and blanking. The transmission method of the beltline driven by the induction motor is used. The plane structure of the conveying line is smooth, the transmission efficiency is higher, and the noise is lower. The assembly process is monitored throughout the whole process, and a CCD vision system is configured for all-round inspection to improve production efficiency and stability. And the internal structure of the equipment adopts a modular design style, and the tooling can be quickly changed to adapt to different types of product assembly.



HONEST focuses on the R&D and customized production of motor automation equipment. We have 14 years of R&D experience in motor production line, and more than 400 automatic line successful cases. Our founder has 27 years of experience in the motor industry and has a good understanding of motor equipment performance and process technology. We can customize motor automation assembly solutions for customers in the fastest time.

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