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Delivery of High Precision Motor Stator Winding Machine to the Customer's Factory

During the commissioning of this motor stator winding machine, we encountered many different problems. These problems need to be solved by our technicians one by one. Only when each problem is solved, then our equipment be shipped to customers.


When debugging this motor winding machine this time, our technicians encountered a problem, no matter how the debugging was done, the problem was not solved. There is only one day left before the delivery date. Several of the debugging colleagues are very guilty because have not solved the problem. If it cannot be resolved tonight, then the shipment will be postponed.


Despite encountering unprecedented problems, our debugging colleagues didn’t give up. Our technicians worked overtime at night until the early hours of the morning and repeatedly debugged, finally solved the problem, and successfully shipped the goods within the delivery time. In addition, the machining department and the business department are also working overtime to follow up on this issue in time.



This stator winding machine can realize precise wire arrangement without any wire damage, and the head and tail can be reserved. The end of the thread enters the slot of the insulating frame and the end of the thread is straightened, and the thread is automatically trimmed. The wire can be operated independently to meet different wire requirements and adapt to product diversification. Double station design, can realize the independent movement of left and right stations, and can also realize linkage, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement of parts.


At the same time, according to the company's reward regulations, the colleagues in the R&D and production department who participated in the overnight debugging of the equipment were commended, awarded the called "Little Expert in Tackling Key Problems", and awarded 1,000 yuan in cash. Although only four colleagues were able to receive the award this time, all the employees of HONEST have contributed a lot. Only when every colleague works together can this difficulty be solved. In the future, HONEST will definitely encounter more challenges and difficulties, stick to his beliefs, and don't give up easily. No matter how big the problem is, it can be solved successfully.

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