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Sectional Type Automatic Stator Winding Machine

The segmented automatic stator winding machine is used in the field of brushless DC motors (electronic water pump motors). It mainly completes the winding of the stator core of the brushless motor. It has a wide range of compatibility and can be customized for customers according to customer process requirements. The equipment uses X, Y, Z three-axis servo linkage, horizontal winding, and uses a unique structural design. In the production process, it can also monitor the low air pressure alarm and the disconnection alarm. The applicable wire diameter is 1~1.5mm, the maximum winding speed can reach 600r/min, the applicable range of outer diameter is 60mm~100mm, the stack thickness is 15mm~50mm, the utilization rate can reach more than 90%, and the pass rate more than 98%.



The equipment adopts a double gripper design and a switching method for loading and unloading, which saves loading and unloading time and improves the production efficiency of the equipment. Six-station winding, automatic winding, arranging, peeling paint and trimming, no waste wire is generated during the winding process. X, Y, Z three-axis servo linkage winding, layout line, paint stripping length, number of pauses. It can meet the requirements of different winding processes, and realize the processes of automatic loading and unloading, winding, arranging, stripping and trimming.



HONEST has more than 14 years of experience in the development and production of customized stator winding machine and can provide a variety of micro motor assembly line solutions.

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