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Changes In Motor Manufacturers After the COVID-19

The world is currently facing important changes under the impact of the COVID-19, more automated, intelligent and digital. China's manufacturing industry is undergoing industrial upgrading, many companies introduce robots and automation technology to reduce labor input in basic assembly operations. Although changes like this existed before COVID-19, COVID-19 has played an accelerated role. Automation and intelligent manufacturing are not only accelerating development in China, but also important development trends in developing countries around the world.



HONEST brush and brushless motor production line can help companies realize unmanned production workshops and make full use of modern industry 4.0 technologies such as modern digital technology, Internet of Things, big data and industrial robots to realize digital production. The production line only needs 1-2 people to operate, the highest efficiency can reach 2s per pcs assembly line, the yield rate can reach more than 99%, and the time utilization rate is more than 90%. It can complete the automatic assembly, production and inspection of the motor, and effectively improve the efficiency of motor production, while also saving costs.


HONEST was established in 2007 and has been committed to providing unmanned production for motor manufacturers. Its main products include brushed and brushless motor production lines, and fully automatic lines for rotors, end caps, and casings. Products are used in auto parts, home appliances, office equipment, power tools, medical equipment, airplanes and electric toys. HONEST provides customized automation equipment solutions, on-site installation training and lifelong after-sales service.

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