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The Development Trend of BLDC Motor Production Line

The brushless DC motor has no brushes and commutators and is composed of the motor body and the driver. It is a typical mechatronic product. The brushless DC motor has been developed rapidly in recent years. Its price is higher than that of brushed motors. However, due to its obvious performance and advantages, it has attracted attention from many industries, such as home appliances, automobiles, ships, and medical focus. Because these industries are widely used in daily applications and have high demand, they have also increased the need for BLDC motor production line.



Why is the rapid development of BLDC motor?


Although the price of the BLDC motor production line is relatively high, it can attract loyal consumers. Due to its good quality and performance, the typical case is Apple mobile phones. Obviously, when quality and price only choose one, consumers with purchasing power will still give priority to quality and user experience.


Advantages of brushless motor.

The geometric structure of the brushless motor is smaller and the weight is lighter, which meets the design requirements of the market for products with lightweight and good performance. The brushless motor operates in a self-controlled manner and will not oscillate and lose step when the load changes suddenly. By using a suitable conversion algorithm, the thermal performance can be improved, a better motor speed range and response time can be achieved, better electromagnetic isolation is possible, and torque response is better.



The characteristics of brushless DC motors include small size, light weight, long life, high efficiency, low noise, low vibration, no sparks, high reliability, good stability, strong adaptability, and simple repair and maintenance. With their excellent performance, brushless DC motors have quickly attracted the attention of manufacturers of "small, light, and thin" audio-visual products, quiet home appliances, and luxury automobiles. Many countries around the world have also accelerated their efforts to develop brushless motor products and occupy the market. Some Japanese companies have successfully applied brushless DC motors to digital cameras, radio cassette recorders, camcorders, printers, storage movers, mobile phones, and automotive air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, electric vehicles, heart pumps, and other fields. At present, brushless DC motors have been able to fully replace DC motor speed control, frequency converter and variable frequency motor speed control, asynchronous motor and reducer speed control. While integrating all the advantages of the traditional DC motor, the carbon brush and slip ring structure are eliminated, and the torque characteristic is excellent. The torque performance is good, the starting current is small, the speed range is wide, and the overload capability is nice. The lifespan of a conventional brush motor is about 10,000 hours, and the lifespan of a brushless DC motor is several times longer.


In addition, the brushless motor has no excitation and carbon brush loss, eliminating the multi-stage deceleration loss, and the comprehensive power saving rate can reach 20% to 60%. The price difference with ordinary motors can recover the purchase cost after only one year by saving electricity. In recent years, the government has been advocating energy conservation and environmental protection. Brushless motors are an important trend in the development of the motor industry.



With the launch of the government’s "14th Five-Year Plan" smart manufacturing development theme strategy, smart factories and digital production have become the future development trend. Large-scale motor manufacturers with excellent comprehensive strength have invested in motor automation equipment to improve production efficiency. Reduce labor and management costs, thereby achieving industrial upgrading, optimizing the company structure, and obtaining more profits. From the development needs of the past two years, the demand for BLDC motor production lines and BLDC motor winding machine has greatly increased, which also shows that BLDC motor manufacturing equipment will become an important role in non-standard automation equipment.

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