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R&D, Customization and Production of End Cap Automated Assembly Equipment

End cap assembly equipment is used in the field of DC brush motors, mainly to complete the assembly process of the rubber cover. The motor production line has a customized program according to customer process requirements, adopts a modular design style, is compatible with two different products, and only needs to change the program for conversion. The production capacity can more than 1125PCS per hour, the whole-day running time is more than 90%, and the yield rate can reach more than 98%. The process flow can be divided into two parts. Carbon brush assembly section: connecting sheet feeding, carbon crystal assembly, carbon brush sheet gluing, shock-proof glue assembly, conveying to the rubber cover assembly line, etc. Rubber cover assembly section: inductance curved assembly, capacitor curved assembly, carbon brush feeding assembly, plug feeding assembly, inductance gluing, inductance baking glue, etc.



The production line will conduct in-depth inspection of products during the assembly process, which can accurately detect the pros and cons of the products, and there will be no missing or wrong assembly. And adopts a visual inspection system, no bumps, scratches, deformation, etc. during the inspection process. During the assembly oiling process, the turntable is linked to the high-speed mechanical arm and multiple linkages are completed to ensure product consistency. The precise oiling system is adopted, and the entire oiling process is adjustable and controllable. Easy to conversion product models.



HONEST focuses on the research and development and production of motor manufacturing equipment. Products include automatic production lines for micromotors (brushed and brushless) and automated assembly lines for rotors, end covers, stators, hairpin motor and NR inductor.

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