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Common Questions of Custom Motor Winding Machine

As the population advantage gradually decreases, labor shortages appear, and salary levels increase. Motor manufacturers have moved from manual assembly and semi-automatic assembly to fully automatic production, in order to reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency. When a motor company decides to invest in fully automatic motor winding machine, it needs to combine the current order volume and labor costs to evaluate whether it is appropriate to invest in the motor production line. We sorted out some questions that need to be confirmed with customers.



1. How much does it cost to customize a fully automatic motor production line?

The price of non-standard equipment is determined by the production process, requirements, and efficiency factors of the product.


2. Custom motor automation equipment. What needs to be provided?

We need motor finished drawings, parts drawings, process flow, process requirements and motor drawings.


3. What to do if the equipment doesn’t meet the requirements?

According to our technical agreement, if we don't meet the requirements, we can be responsible in accordance with the terms of the technical agreement.


4. Do you have after-sales service sites nationwide?

We have a professional after-sales team and can arrive at the customer's factory to repair the equipment within 24 hours in China until the fault is eliminated. For abroad, we can also dispatch an after-sales team within 24 hours, and the specific arrival time depends on the customer's country.



The above questions are some motor manufacturers need to consider. Shenzhen HONEST Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. has been established for 15 years, and has produced more than 400 successful cases of motor production line, and obtained more than 100 patent certificates. HONEST Automation can provide enterprises with the best solutions in motor automation equipment according to customized needs.

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