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Why does motor winding equipment need to be digitized?

At present, many enterprises of a certain scale have already invested in motor winding equipment. This helps companies solve labor cost and efficiency issues. There are still many factories that don't have data to analyze equipment operation problems in the automated production process. This leads to the opaque data production of the whole production line, the data between the machines cannot be used together, and there is no data record in the production process that cannot be traced back to defective products. HONEST Automation uses intelligent communication function controllers and instruments, collect process data in time by customers through software. Using the management and control system to collect, analyze and display basic data, customers can see the data quickly.



Advantages of using digital systems for enterprises:


1. High transparency in the production process: real-time tracking of on-site production status to reduce abnormal shutdowns, product quality problems can be analyzed for material control, which helps to improve product quality.


2. Production process automation: obtain production instructions from the MES system and feedback on the production status of the production line to the MES system in a timely manner. Get through the data information of each equipment station and reduce the labeling steps.


3. Digitization of the production process: the production process can be traced, real-time statistical analysis of production information, and multi-dimensional chart support for production management, facilitating the overall planning of production plans.


4. Intelligent production process: process data analysis, improve process capability, prevent unqualified products in advance, and reduce planned equipment downtime.


5. Future trends: the data is uploaded to the cloud, and the production situation can be controlled in real-time at any time.


i³-Mechatronics is the overall solution proposed by Yaskawa in response to the automation revolution. i³-Mechatronics can collect various problems in the production process and feed them back to the cloud for big data analysis and modular learning, and then apply the analysis results to production, automatically adjust parameters, meet customized requirements, and realize intelligent production.

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