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Classification and Application of Inductance

With the rapid development and commercialization of 5G, the demand for inductors is constantly increasing. From the perspective of application fields, mobile terminals are the largest application market for inductors. The proportion of the total global market size has reached 50.6%. The main application markets of inductors include automobiles, household appliances, military industry, communication equipment and computers.



In the next few years, with the acceleration of 5G construction, the demand of the mobile terminal and communication equipment market will become the main driving force for the development of the inductor market. At present, more inductors used in the market include NR chip inductor, Tcore integrated inductor and common mode inductor.


NR chip inductor


NR chip inductors are also called automated shielding inductors because they are made by fully automated machines. It’s features include the use of magnetic glue coating structure, which greatly reduces noise. Strong drop impact resistance and durable. Under the same size conditions, the rated current is 30% higher than traditional power inductors. Small size, space saving and power saving.


Application product range: LED lighting, multi-function mobile phones, flat-screen TVs, Blu-ray DVDs, set-top boxes, notebook computers, desktop computers, servers, graphics cards, portable devices, personal navigation systems, multimedia devices.


Tcore Integrally formed inductor


Integrally formed inductors also called molded inductors, include a base body and a winding body. The base system is made by embedding the winding body into metal magnetic powder and die-casting. The SMD pins are the leads of the winding body and are directly formed on the surface of the base, this utility model has higher inductance and smaller leakage inductance than traditional inductance. The inductance is designed with SMD structure, which will not damage the inductance when in use, but also can improve the production efficiency.


Application product range: power supplies, computers, electronic equipment, military, medical, aerospace and automotive industries.


Common mode choke


Common mode choke is often used in computer switching power supplies to filter common mode electromagnetic interference signals. In the board design, the common mode choke also plays the role of EMI filtering, used to suppress the electromagnetic wave generated by the high-speed signal line from radiating to the outside.


The applied product range includes USB 3.0, DVI, HDMI and Serial-ATA high-speed differential signal equipment and interfaces in IT and communication equipment.


HONEST Automation is China's leading provider of inductor equipment solutions. Our products include NR chip inductor automatic winding equipment, integrated inductor winding equipment, common mode choke winding equipment, SMD test packaging machine, NR inductor dispensing machine, etc. The key parts are processed with precision equipment, the standard parts use the top international brands, parts lifespan management, automatic feeding and winding. HONEST Automation provides one-year warranty and lifetime after-sales service.

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