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The Block Brushless Stator Production Line is Shipped to The Customer's Factory

The block brushless motor stator production line is used in the field of outer rotor brushless DC motors, also used in automotive oil pump motors. The equipment mainly completes the winding, rounding and laser coding processes of the divided stator. The equipment has a high degree of automation, and only one person is required to operate it. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, high qualification rate and stable product quality.

The efficiency up to 9.7s per pcs, the yield rate is more than 99%, and the utilization rate is over 90% throughout the day. The block-type brushless motor stator production line uses an RFID solution with a control system that can trace the production of any batch of workpieces, so that the production process can be controlled and traced, and has a report function to meet customer production requirements. The main process flow includes feeding, winding, peeling paint, molding into a circle and laser coding.



The advantages of the production line include the use of a visual inspection system to detect whether the insulator is installed, whether the installation size meets the standard, and the iron core direction is correct. Chips are implanted in tooling, and microchip readers are equipped to trace the product information of each station. The iron core is divided into pieces into the mold into a circle, and then laser marked. Scan the code to register product information, configure the control system, and the equipment has report functions. The double gripper design is adopted to switch the way of loading and unloading, which saves a lot of time and improve the working efficiency of the equipment. The winding parameters can be adjusted, tension can be adjusted during the winding process, thread ends and the ends are automatically collected, and the copper wire is saved. Automatic paint peeling, paint peeling can be adjusted by setting parameters.


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