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The Repurchase of DC Electric Motor Assembly Line by Customer

HONEST Automation is able to develop fully automated production line for non-standard customized brush motor, and its excellent performance has been favored by customers to repurchase another assembly line to help customers reduce production costs and reduce unnecessary waste of raw materials, Honest can also help enterprises reduce a large number of labor costs and liberate the labor force.



The main process flow of the production line can be divided into rotor section and motor assembly section. The rotor section has processes such as gluing, beer commutator, winding, bump welding, finish turning, armature performance test, meson and so on; The motor assembly section includes armature adding snow oil, three-piece assembly (armature, rubber cover and magnetic bottom), motor beer claw, beer claw position inspection, magnetic ring assembly, magnetic ring dispensing, magnetic ring drying, motor performance test, etc.


The advantages of DC motor fully automatic production line are: the equipment of the whole line is equipped with detection function to ensure no outflow of defective products; The activation is more than 95%, the production efficiency is 4S / PCS, and the production capacity is stable; With data tracking function, you can query the performance parameters of the motor; High safety, all moving parts and electrical are protected to ensure the safety of operators; The production line is arranged neatly and beautifully, with high humanization and convenient equipment commissioning.



HONEST Automation always insists on organizing first-class talents, using first-class tools, manufacturing first-class equipment, providing first-class services and achieving first-class enterprises. Helping motor manufacturers realize unmanned production workshops, especially in the post epidemic era, all manufacturers are facing innovations such as automation, intelligence and digitization. Automation driven upgrading and reengineering is also an important goal of manufacturers. As an excellent electric motor assembly line solution provider, as an excellent motor automation equipment solution provider, HONEST is committed to optimizing enterprise production capacity and achieving Made in China 2025.

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