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HONEST Information and Industrialization Management System Version 2.0 Management Training Conference

On the afternoon of August 27, 2021, Shenzhen Honest Mechatronic Equipment Co., Ltd launched an informatization and industrialization management system training conference. 


Company CEO Mr. HuaGuo Zhou, Vice President Mr. Jianyong Liao and department managers attended the meeting. General Manager Mr.Huaguo Zhou delivered a speech, first introducing the company's development history, product development, informatization, industrialization, and future strategic planning. Honest Automation integrates R&D, production, sales, and service to create independent intellectual property brands and provide enterprises with automation equipment such as motors, home appliances, new energy, 5G, 3C, and auto parts assembly. Helping companies optimize production capacity and help 'made in China' is our corporate mission.


By promoting process optimization and informatization construction, the company's strategic planning develops in the field of intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing and enhances the company's sustainable competitive advantage. Honest is a fully automated intelligent assembly manufacturer, focusing on automated manufacturing equipment for 15 years, help labor-intensive companies provide unmanned production workshops. Honest has more than 1,000 mature cases and obtained more than 200 patent certificates. Fully automated motor assembly line, the efficiency of the whole line equipment is 3s per pcs, compatible with the assembly of more than 15-30 types of motors, the change time only needs 30 minutes, and the whole process only needs one person to operate.


General Manager Mr. Huaguo Zhou pointed out that Honest needs to data intelligent analysis to realize intelligent decision-making operations. According to Honest Automation 3 to 5 year strategic plan, it’s necessary to continuously deepen the application of cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and regionalization through product technological innovation, deep integration of informatization and industrialization, and the technological and industrial revolution trends. The new generation of information technology such as blockchain stimulates the potential of data elements to drive innovation, builds and enhances the survival and development capabilities of the information age, accelerates business optimization and upgrading and innovation transformation, improves and upgrades traditional kinetic energy, creates, delivers and obtains new value, and realizes transformation, upgrading and innovation develop and gradually lead the industry in the mid-term goal and become the industry benchmark.



At this meeting, we invited Mr. Xinghua Zeng, the chief consulting expert of Shenzhen Keyi Intellectual Property Services Co., Ltd. to give a full range of guidance to our company's integration of the two standards. He proposed the deep integration of informatization and industrialization is an inevitable trend of economic and social development in the world today, and it provides a rare opportunity for our country to take a new road to industrialization.


Our country is accelerating the transformation of the economic development model. It's necessary to transform the productivity and production relations that adapt to the material economy and economies of scale into the productivity and production relations that are adapted to the digital economy and economies of scope and to accelerate the construction of a new capacity production system that meets the requirements of the development of the digital economy. In the critical period to realize the strategic adjustment of economic structure, international industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Only by continuously improving the level of industrialization in our country and promoting the deep integration of informatization and industrialization can we better empower future manufacturing. In order to effectively promote the implementation of the integration of the two management systems, the guidance work will focus on the top-level design of informatization strategies, business process diagnosis and optimization, and the construction of informatization project management systems. Starting from the standard of the integrated management system of industrialization and industrialization, with the development of sustainable competitive advantage of the enterprise as the core, it systematically sorts out the realization path for the creation of new capabilities of the enterprise.



However, the integration of information and industrialization will be an important means to enhance the industrialization level of enterprises and achieve economic upgrading. Enterprises are facing both opportunities and challenges in this environment. Grasping the transition period and using the integration of industrialization and industrialization to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises is an important issue that every enterprise must face. General Manager Mr. Huaguo Zhou acknowledged Mr. Zeng's point of view. Honest Automation actively carries out the training of the integration of informatization and industrialization management system and plans to complete it through professional knowledge training, system planning, document writing, system implementation and system evaluation, etc. The implementation of the management system for the integration of the two informatization and industrialization, thereby comprehensively improving the company's industrial informatization level, and preparing for the company's future transformation, upgrading and innovative development.



Shenzhen Honest Mechatronic Equipment Co., Ltd Informationization and Industrialization Convergence Management System Senior Training Conference was a success. The training takes the form of knowledge explanations and written examinations, which further deepens the participants' understanding of the management system of the integration of industrialization and industrialization, and improves everyone's understanding of the integration of industrialization and industrialization in an all-around way. Honest Automation will carry out its work strictly in accordance with the promotion plan of the implementation of the integration of informatization and industrialization to help the company truly obtain a sustainable competitive advantage that matches the company's strategy, stably obtain the expected results of the integration of industrialization and industrialization, and promote the overall improvement of the company's strength.

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