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Honest Automation Hosts a Basketball Game Again

In order to enrich the cultural, sports and entertainment life of the employees, give full play to the teamwork spirit of the employees, enhance the corporate cohesion and pride among employees, and provide a stage for the company's basketball enthusiasts to show themselves.



Honest Automation held a basketball game last week. Many basketball enthusiasts participated in the production department and technical department of the company. All the athletes, referees, staff and spectators performed very well. In this game, in the spirit of friendship first and game second, they fully exchanged basketball skills and experience and made progress together.


The whistle sounded and the game officially began. The production department scored on the field first, and the people outside the field cheered along with the goal. The technical department used the outstanding personal ability to match the scores, and the outcome of the game was difficult to determine. After an hour of fierce competition, the technical department fixed the score at 47:37 with perfect teamwork and won the game by 10 points. All the athletes in this competition fully demonstrated themselves, and the team spirit of always striving for the first is worth learning from all colleagues on the field. Honest Automation insists on starting from the perspective of employees' physical and mental health and enriching the cultural and sports life. We regularly hold various activities and competitions, and employees can also devote themselves to work with a better mental outlook, which will enrich the corporate culture of HONEST.


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