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The IPO Kick-off Meeting of Honest Automation Ends Successfully

On September 10, 2021, Honest Automation IPO kick-off meeting was held. The meeting is arranged by the company’s general manager’s office, hosted by General Manager Mr. Huaguo Zhou. The honored guest attending this meeting included Honest's management staff, representative of Guosen Securities, Moore Global Accounting Firm and JunZeJun Law Offices, witnessed this important moment together.



At the beginning of the meeting, General Manager Mr.Huaguo Zhou delivered a welcome speech, and expressed his warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to everyone who came to the IPO kick-off meeting. He proposed that with the official launch of the IPO work, Honest Automation faces a new development opportunity, which will be the common dream of all Honest people. At the same time, the company actively responded to the government's policy and became an important member to promote the economic development of Longhua District. This also marks the beginning of a new stage of development for Honest Automation. Honest Automation will cherish this opportunity and cooperate with Guosen Securities, Moore Global Accounting Firm and JunZeJun Law Offices to achieve rapid and steady growth in performance by standardizing corporate management and operation and leveraging the power of the capital market. Maximize the realization of a win-win situation for customers, employees, society and shareholders.



Representatives of partner institutions of Honest IPO project have also expressed that Honest Automation has a strong technical research and development team, a rich reserve of research projects and a standardized management and control system, and it has the basis for IPO listing. We believe that with the joint efforts of a professional and efficient team, Honest's path to becoming a listed company will be smoother. At the meeting, everyone also had an in-depth discussion and planning on the follow-up work.



The successful holding of the Honest IPO kick-off meeting is the result of the company's years of precipitation and development. This means that the company has opened a new stage and has a milestone significance on the road of continuous development. With the support of the government and all parties, Honest Automation will calmly face multiple challenges and achieve the goal of listing in the shortest time.


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