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The Commissioning of Fully Automatic Motor Assembly Line is Completed

The fully automatic motor assembly line is applied in the field of automobile electric window to provide a one-stop solution for the manufacturing of electric window motor. The production line of this section adopts automatic loading and unloading (rotor, end cover and stator), manipulator handling and moving, and automatically completes the processes such as magnetic ring press fitting, worm press fitting, bending core correction, stator magnetization and motor assembly.


The application of automation and intelligence can on the one hand deal with the disappearing demographic dividend in China and solve the problems of labor cost, technology and management in labor-intensive enterprises; On the other hand, it can also improve the production efficiency of enterprises, make the product performance more stable, and let the products have a broader market. At the same time, the modular and flexible design also make the application of the scheme more flexible, has a wide range of product compatibility, and greatly reduces the production cost of enterprises. At the same time, the modular and flexible design also makes the application of the scheme more flexible, have a wide range of product compatibility, and greatly reduce the production cost of enterprises.


Advantages of the fully automated assembly line of the motor: laser marking the QR code on the rubber cover and stator surface, reading the product QR code information through the code scanner, barcode reader, etc.; binding the production process data to the QR code for easy traceability query and quality analysis; with SPC data statistics function; the rotor adopts material frame feeding, the end cover adopts blister disc, the stator adopts material frame, manual loading and framing, automatic feeding of equipment, the feeding cycle is more than 30 minutes; servo module is used to handle and grasp materials with manipulator, which has strong flexibility and high precision; servo motor is used for press-fitting, and the press-fitting process has pressure monitoring to ensure the press-fitting accuracy; it is compatible with five models and rapid transformation by selecting formula parameters and replacing fixtures can be achieved, the transformation time is less than 20 minutes. The comprehensive production capacity can reach ≥720PCS/H, the yield rate is ≥99%, the utilization rate of the whole line is ≥90%, and the entire line only needs one person to operate.



The assembly line adopts a new hood, which is more visually beautiful. Honest can develop customized motor assembly machine according to customer needs, including rotor section, large housing section, rubber cover section and motor assembly section. There are mature solutions in the whole process of the above procedures, and testing equipment is equipped according to customer process flow. The products are widely used in automobile parts, home appliances, office automation, electric tools, medical treatment, electric toys and other fields.

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