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The Fully Automated Motor Rubber Cove Production Line is Shipped to The Customer's Factory

The motor rubber cover automatic production line is used in the field of DC brushed motors (high-voltage DC motors). The production line can be compatible with 23 products, and the efficiency of the whole line is 3s per pcs. This section of the production line mainly includes feeding, plugs, connectors, capacitors, inductors, connecting wires, welding, testing and blanking, etc.



The use of man-machine collaboration makes the structure of the production line more flexible. It can realize rapid conversion by replacing ship plates, adjusting replacement blades and replacing special parts, and is equipped with a visual inspection system to achieve stable and efficient product inspection and improve production efficiency.


The advantages of the fully automated production line of motor rubber cover equipment include that the equipment has the function of identifying the fixture. When the fixture style is wrong, it will automatically alarm. Adopt modular design, good compatibility. Eight stations are soldered, and the soldering parameters can be adjusted and controlled. After assembly, a vision system is used to detect capacitors, inductances, terminals, wipers and connecting wires, which are efficient in detection and stable in results. Automatic swing plate blanking, long blanking cycle time. Our equipment is customized and developed. After the internal inspection and acceptance before leaving the factory, the information will be emailed to the customer, and an appointment will be made for the customer to come to the factory for acceptance. The equipment will be boxed and packaged before shipment. Professional packaging and modular solutions are used to ensure the safety of the equipment. We will send the assemblers to the customer's factory for installation and commissioning, and provide a full range of one-to-one practical operations and technical training.


We will also send our assemblers to stay in the customer's factory. If there is a problem with the electric motor assembly line, we can respond in time. We will respond within 4 hours and provide a solution within 24 hours.

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