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How to Choose Brushed and Brushless DC Motor Assembly Line

More and more motor manufacturers invest in brushed and brushless motor assembly line in their factories.

There are many companies in the market that provide non-standard automation equipment, but few can provide high-quality products and services through long-term cooperation. Therefore, it's necessary to pay attention to whether they have sufficient qualifications and strength when selecting equipment suppliers. Otherwise, not only a lot of time will be wasted, but also the cost of investment equipment will be lost. As we all know, it usually takes several months to complete the final production and commissioning from the confirmation of the initial requirements of the equipment. If it is a big project, it is usually necessary to plan a year in advance and find some supplier. The input cost is also relatively high, ranging from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions.


Generally speaking, motor manufacturers should consider the following points when selecting equipment suppliers: First, the size of the company, second, some previous equipment cases, and third, the type of cooperative customer, whether it is an ordinary company or some well-known company. After understanding many aspects, you can also visit the supplier's factory. For motor manufacturers, you need to understand what preparations and plans should be made to invest in automation equipment. For example, what is the budget range invested? How much staff and cost can the company save after investing in equipment? Approximately how long will it take to earn back the cost of the equipment invested? The above questions can be evaluated by Honest Automation, and our team of engineers will provide professional solutions and suggestions.



Honest Automation has been focusing on non-standard automation equipment for more than 15 years. At present, it has provided more than 400 fully automatic motor assembly production lines for many motor manufacturers and has obtained more than 100 patent certificates. The brushed and brushless motor production line uses belts and fixtures to transfer materials. It runs fast and has complete functions. It can be compatible with 36 different motors. It has a simple structure and quick style conversion. It can switch product styles within 20 minutes, and the equipment efficiency is up to 5s per piece. In addition, it can realize the production of motors with complex processes such as fully automatic dispensing, oil dispensing, baking, and cooling. The equipment adopts various visual, pressure, tension, displacement and other monitoring methods to ensure stable quality. The assembly process includes a complete set of fully automated assembly of rotor section, stator section, rubber cover section, motor and automobile parts. Provide customers with the best quality fully automatic assembly equipment and satisfactory service.

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