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The Composition of Electric Motor Assembly Line

The electric motor assembly line is to combine several parts of the product through tight fitting, snapping, threaded connection, bonding, riveting and welding to obtain finished or semi-finished products that meet the predetermined dimensional accuracy and functions. 


The assembly will have a component directional arrangement, conveying and escapement system. The disordered components are automatically arranged in a spatial orientation that is convenient for automatic processing by the machine, and they are smoothly conveyed to the subsequent escapement to prepare for the gripping of the manipulator. The parts of the escapement positioned at a fixed point are grasped or vacuum sucked, and then moved to another position. Assembly work mechanism refers to the mechanism used to complete the main actions of assembly work, such as pressing, clamping, screwing, bonding, welding and riveting the workpiece to the previous part. During the assembly process, there will be a testing mechanism to test the components assembled in the previous step or the previous work results of the machine, such as missing parts detection, size detection, defect detection, function detection and cleaning detection, and automatic defective products discharge. The control system usually adopts PLC control, and the PLC needs to receive the input of various signals and issue instructions to the various actuators. The machine is equipped with a variety of sensors and other signal collectors to monitor the operation of each actuator in the machine, and issue the next execution instruction after judgment. The man-machine interface is used to display the running status of the machine, running records, and send instructions to the machine by the operator.



If the company has been using traditional production methods, it is bound to hire a large number of employees to operate, and when the order volume is large, there will be shortage of staff and delays in the construction period. But by investing in a fully automated motor assembly line, these problems can be solved. As long as fewer operators operate the assembly line in accordance with the prescribed steps after training, an efficient and highly automated electric motor production line can be realized, which reduces the number of employees and reduces labor costs. Automated production lines can also be used to increase the production capacity of enterprises and increase the product qualification rate, so that the products produced are more popular in the market.

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