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The Advantages of Hairpin Motor Compared to Traditional Motor

Compared with traditional motors that use round wires, hairpin motor use flat wires. Its advantages are that the motor is more compact, saves materials, and has more power. Toyota Prius and Chevrolet Volt used hairpin motor. Many automobile companies haven't yet used it.

The difference between hairpin motor and round wire motor is that the wire used in the stator winding of the motor is different. Traditional motors use round wires, while hairpin motors use flat rectangular wires. Drive systems with large volume, heavyweight, and weak power are unpopular in the new energy vehicle market. The use of flat wires can greatly increase the slot full rate, which refers to the proportion of the space occupied by the coil after being placed in the slot, because there are gaps between the round wires, and the flat wires are more compact. Generally speaking, the higher the slot full rate, the more wires in the coil, the stronger the magnetic field generated, and the greater the power of the motor.


The data shows that in the same space, the flat wire motor can fill 20-30% of the wire, which can be understood to some extent as an increase of the motor power by 20-30%. With the same power density, the volume of the hairpin motor will be more compact. Compared with traditional motors, the flat wire structure also includes other advantages. For example, the contact area between the wire and the wire is greatly increased, so the heat dissipation capacity will be stronger. And because the winding volume is smaller, there are fewer consumables.


The motor is a key component that plays a pivotal role in the process of converting electrical energy into mechanical energy.


The hairpin motor can provide better acceleration performance and lower noise, which greatly improves the performance of the vehicle.


The design and manufacturing of hairpin motor are challenging, but it can reduce the cost of the entire vehicle.



The hairpin motor is the development direction of the drive motor in the future. It has many advantages, but also has disadvantages, such as difficulty in design, difficulty in process manufacturing, and easier loss.


Raw materials, production processes and professional manufacturing equipment have become barriers to the industrialization of hairpin motor, which is also the reason why they haven't yet been widely used.


Compared with the traditional round wire motor, the hairpin stator can reduce the effective material cost by 8%~12%. If you consider the advantages brought to the vehicle performance, power consumption, etc., the flat wire motor can reduce the cost by about 15%.

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