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Expert Interview: The Development Direction and Trend of BLDC Motor

With the release of national policies and increased market demand, BLDC motor will be widely used in the fields of household appliances, power tools and new energy vehicles. 

Due to factors such as cost reduction and performance optimization, BLDC motors will gradually replace brushed DC motors in the future. Compared with ordinary motor, BLDC motor has the characteristics of high efficiency, low noise, diverse controls, and long lifespan. BLDC motor is gradually applied in the fields of household appliances, electric tools, and has been recognized and welcomed by the market. With the encouragement of national policies and the increase of market demand, BLDC motor will usher in greater development space and gradually integrate into the process of intelligent production, paying more attention to cost reduction and innovative concepts in design and application. In addition, the use of high-performance magnetic materials will greatly improve the performance and efficiency of BLDC motor.


1. What are the technical bottlenecks encountered in the BLDC motor field? Is there a corresponding solution?


View 1: The current technology of BLDC motor is relatively mature. The problem is that the price of electronic components and chips is relatively high.


View 2: BLDC motor technology has matured, but the drive of BLDC motor still has difficulties.


View 3: The technical bottleneck is mainly reflected in low speed, high speed and high power.


2. What's the design direction of the BLDC motor? What is the innovative application?


View 1: In the future, BLDC motors will always move towards sinusoidal control, because this will greatly improve the stability of the speed and the vibration and noise. In the future, most BLDC motors can replace some relatively low-end applications, but relatively speaking, BLDC motors are more expensive.


View 2: For the motor design, considering the resonance, energy consumption and heat generation of the motor at various speeds, it should be more and more optimized, and the reduced cost is a trend.


In application, I think the BLDC motor will replace the former asynchronous motor. Industries that use motors, such as early water pumps, air pumps and other applications, will slowly transition to BLDC permanent magnet synchronous motors. Because the cost gap is reduced, the cost of drive control is also falling. In the past, a complete set of solutions plus motors may be more expensive, but now it has gradually become popular, so in the field of BLDC motors that have not been used before, they may try to apply them.


View 3: In the future, the motor design will develop in the direction of higher power density.


View 4: The process density of the BLDC motor is definitely higher, and then the raw material may also use aluminum wire and so on.


View 5: The wiring requirements of the BLDC motor winding are getting better and neater, and the block type winding is likely to gradually replace the integral type winding.


How about the application of BLDC motors in smart production? How about the utilization rate of high-performance magnetic materials?


View 1: Now, most rare earth magnets are used, and the utilization rate of high-performance magnetic materials is relatively high. However, in some automobiles, many small motors still use TNT more because it is relatively cheap.


View 2: BLDC motor has relatively high requirements on the performance of magnetic materials and uses more high-performance magnetic materials.


View 3: Intelligent production applications are more extensive. For example, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators and other household appliances are all transitioning to the use of BLDC motors. Electric toothbrushes used brush motors in the past, but now they are also using brushless motor, which have lower noise.


View 4: High performance magnetic materials continue to increase in the brushless motor industry.


View 5: The performance of BLDC motors has many advantages. In the fields of new energy vehicles, white goods, power tools, etc., the amount of BLDC motors has grown rapidly. In the future, the amount of BLDC motors should be very large. In addition, more and more high-performance magnetic materials are used.


1. What are the demands of motor manufacturers for equipment manufacturers?


View 1: The slot full rate of the automatic motor winding machine needs to be higher. The performance of the magnet needs to be stable to avoid large deviations of magnetic materials of the same specification.


View 2: The equipment manufacturers currently cooperating with each other are win-win, and there are no obvious problems.


View 3: The performance of the magnetic material of the equipment manufacturer must be very stable, because the host equipment is very different, it will be very difficult to do quality control. In terms of equipment, some winding equipment usually has a high failure rate, and you need to consult the manufacturer.


2. How to treat the problem of high failure rate of winding equipment? Are there corresponding suggestions for improvement?


View 1: The failure rate must be related to production equipment and quality, as well as technical debugging experience.


If the technical experience of the staff is immature and has not learned a certain level, let him debug this equipment, there will indeed be situations where the accuracy of the debugging is not in place, which will cause the machine to malfunction, or cause the machine to crash, and affect the hardware inside.


View 2: There are many reasons for the high failure rate of equipment. I think manufacturers can compare with peers to see if the failure rate is so high. If it is based on the normal failure rate, everyone can accept it. If it is unacceptable, either the equipment is faulty or the product is faulty.


View 3: Because there are some process summaries involved in the equipment, the automated equipment assembly on the market now cannot be used to make motors, only relatively simple electrical equipment can be made. Because motors are professional equipment, that needs time to accumulate and summarize.


3. The development direction and market trend of BLDC motor


View 1: Many small motor are being replaced by BLDC motor, and the development trend is to quickly replace traditional asynchronous motor. Because the manufacturing process of BLDC motors is slowly mature, the cost may be more different in terms of magnetic materials or permanent magnets. In addition, many miniaturized BLDC motor drives are also doing extremely well, and a large number of solution providers are providing corresponding solutions.


View2: The BLDC motor market will see substantial growth.


View 3: At present, BLDC motors can achieve efficiency of more than 90%, and with the increasing use of new energy vehicles, the industry chain is showing a growth trend. The development trend of BLDC motors is definitely good. I personally think that more and more BLDC motors will replace the previous brushed motors in the future, and it is estimated that the market will increase by about three times by 2025.


View 4: In recent years, the market for brushless motors has been relatively potential. Because BLDC motor is more environmentally friendly and has a very long service lifespan, BLDC motors will be used in future household appliance, industrial motor, power tool, and aircraft model.


View 5: Brushed motors will turn to brushless DC motors. Because it is environmentally friendly, and then stable, and the other is its low energy efficiency.


View 6: At present, BLDC motor have an upward trend in applications such as new energy vehicles, high-end home appliances, power tools, and office supplies. Therefore, the market for BLDC motor has a very good development prospect.


In terms of manufacturing and design, compared to other motors, BLDC motors have much higher requirements for raw materials and manufacturing processes than general motors, such as the accuracy of physical position and installation structure. Although a set of production verification processes specific to BLDC motors is slowly being formed, BLDC motors have put forward many new requirements in terms of drive design, manufacturing, and functional testing and verification.


With the increase of production capacity, the use of BLDC motors in high-performance magnetic materials such as ferrite and neodymium iron boron is also gradually increasing, and the utilization rate of some companies has basically exceeded 60%. In addition, BLDC motors are gradually being incorporated into the smart production of consumer equipment and industrial equipment.


In terms of innovative applications, the BLDC motor itself meets energy consumption standards and has advantages in terms of control operation and speed changes. With the promotion of national energy conservation and environmental protection policies and the increase in market usage, BLDC motors will gradually replace brushed DC motors, which are widely used in power tools, household appliances new energy vehicles.


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