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Which factor will determine the motor quality?

In motor production line, the automaiton is one of the way to improve efficiency. Actually, more attention needs to be paid to the realization of the process during the assembly process. Motor assembly line includes rotor, stator, brush, commutator, bearing, winding, end cover and other assembly processes.


The motor assembly line process specification is the main technical document to guide the assembly production, and the formulation of the assembly process specification is one of the main contents of the production preparation. It has an important impact on ensuring assembly quality, improving assembly production efficiency, shortening assembly cycle, reducing labor intensity of workers, reducing assembly area, and reducing production costs.

The main technical request in motor production line contains:


1: Ensure the motor radial direction and axis direction precision.


2: Stable rotor runnning, bearing smooth, running well, correction winding wiring.

3: The working surfaces of the commutator and collector ring should be free of oil and dirt and have good contact.


4:The pressure and position of the brush should meet the requirements of the drawing, and the contact surface between the base and the end cover should be free of bumps.


5:There should be no debris inside the motor, and all fixed connections of the motor should meet the requirements of the drawing.


The quality of motor products, on the one hand, depends on the processing quality of the components, and on the other hand, also depends on the assembly quality to a large extent. The quality of the motor assembly line has a great impact on the motor. Poor or improper assembly will not only seriously affect the running performance of the motor, but may also lead to failure, causing damage to the motor or shortening the service life of the motor. Therefore, in the assembly process, the assembly technical requirements and assembly process regulations must be strictly followed to ensure the assembly quality of the motor.

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