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New Energy Industry

Product New energy industry takes environmental protection as the concept and combines with the actual needs of production and life to provide clean and environment-friendly equipment for human beings.The company covers three fields of battery, motor and electronic control in the new energy field.In the battery field, we mainly provide PACK assembly line, PACK test line, automatic clamping machine, sorting and dosing machine, die-cutting and folding machine as well as the whole factory automation, battery recycling automation solutions


The equipment of honest company covers ternary/lithium battery, cylinder/square shell/soft package and other types. The standards of all types of new energy batteries tend to be stable.In the field of motor, control mainly to provide new energy motor assembly line, electronic components assembly line and other equipment.For a long time, the company has been serving domestic front-line customers such as BYD, Ningde Times, Guoxuan High-tech, Xinwangda, Bike battery, etc., and continuously creating value for production enterprises with stable and efficient equipment.

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