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Honest Develop Hairpin Motor Stator Assembly Line To Meet The New Energy Trend

The recent debut of Huawei's driverless automobiles indicates that the spring of new energy vehicles has arrived. New energy vehicles will gradually replace traditional fuel vehicles. In the future, many vehicles on the road will be new energy vehicles. Many automobile companies have also begun to manufacture and develop new energy vehicles. For example, BYD, Tesla, NIO and other large internet companies have been leading the technology of new energy vehicles. These companies have mature power sources and drive motor technology.



The drive motor of the new energy vehicle needs to meet the high dynamic performance of torque control. When the automobile decelerates and accelerates uphill, the motor can provide higher torque, and generally needs to withstand 4-5 times the overload. Besides, the speed regulation range is required to be relatively large, and at the same time, high operating efficiency needs to be maintained in the entire speed regulation range. It is very difficult to produce drive motor with these advantages. Honest has developed hairpin motor stator assembly line, which not only meets the above advantages, but also the efficiency of the entire line can be as high as 24s/pcs. It adopts bus control. The key parts are all independently processed by precision equipment. The standard parts are all international top brands. Intelligent production, life management of key parts, face recognition, real-time traceability of production data, upload and distribution, and docking with MES system.



Not only hairpin stator winding equipment, but also Honest has developed other motor production lines, such as automobile window motor, automobile trunk motor, brake motor and air pump motor, etc., which are suitable for use in new energy vehicles. All fully automatic motor production lines only need 2 to 3 people to operate, which helps customers increase production, and can also save labor costs, management costs and solve difficult recruitment problems to the greatest extent. Honest focuses on the research and development of motor automation equipment production lines, over 14 years of research and development experience, helping customers realize unmanned production workshops, improving production efficiency, and optimizing company structure.



Founded in 2007, Honest is a leading provider and manufacturer of new energy vehicles motor equipment solutions in China. The independent industrial park of Honest covers an area of 16,000 m², has more than 400 employees, 130 middle and senior engineers, and a modern assembly workshop of more than 10,000 m², which can assemble 40 fully automatic production lines at the same time. At present, branches in Chengdu, Dalian and Ningbo have been established in China.



Honest provides one-stop service, from R&D, production, sales, after-sales on-site installation and training. Establishing independent intellectual property brands, providing customers with customized solutions for automation equipment such as motors, home appliances, new energy, 5G, 3C industry, etc., helping companies increase production capacity, reduce production and operating costs. To be a contributing member of China's smart manufacturing 2025 strategy is our corporate mission.




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