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Brushless Motor Needle Winding Machine and Flying Fork Winding Machine

The winding of the brushless motor stator mainly includes two winding methods, one is external winding, the flying fork winding method is commonly used, and the no-load speed can reach more than 2500r/min.



The other is the inner winding mode, the needle winding method is commonly used, and the no-load speed can reach 800r/min. Comparing the two methods, the needle-type inner winding machine is more precise and often uses a full servo motor configuration, and the price is more expensive. Of course, the winding wire is better. The flying fork winding machine is simple and cheaper.


Needle-type inner stator winding machine is mainly for the production of brushless motors, usually using double-station, four-station design, and servo precise positioning. It can complete automatic winding head and end, automatic winding, indexing, clamping and cutting winding, molding at one time. It can be single-stranded, double-stranded, and three-stranded winding, suitable for fan motor, hairdryer motor, leafless fan motor, DC brushless motor, water pump motor, vacuum cleaner motor, stepper motor, servo motor, etc. Wide range of applications, most of the inner winding stator can be solved.



Flying fork-type outer winding machine generally adopts single station (outer diameter up to 200mm), double station, four-station design, which can automatically complete all winding actions, and can realize multi-strand winding machine with relatively small wire diameter 30 enameled wires can be wound in parallel, which is not only speed efficient, but also has a good winding effect. Needle winding machine and flying fork winding machine have their own advantages. When choosing, you must position your own brushless motor stator. Whether it is suitable for external winding or internal winding, precision wiring or ordinary wiring is required, and whether there is a requirement for slot full rate, etc. It is easier to find a suitable high-quality winding machine through comprehensive understanding.

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