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Brushless Stator Winding Machine Introduction

The advantages of Brushless Stator Winding Machine Introduction contain:

1. It is composed of Servo Motor, Ball Screw, Guide, Cylinder and compared with some mechanical equipment, the noise of the winding machine is very small

2. It has a multi-station which depends on the slot, diameter, outside diameter, and other parameters. It can be divided into 1/2/4/6 stations. For being more efficiency, different products will be fitted in different winding machine.

3. Clamping fixture module design can change type rapidly for saving time.

4. Clamping fixture and winding tools are manufactured by high-precision that it can locate accurately and neatly arranged after machine operating.

5.Single strand winding or multi-strand winding not only can solve the problem that thick wire winding but also improve the producing efficiency.

6.A Brushless stator winding machine can suitable with multiple types of brushless motor production avoiding single production and wasting the value of the machine.

7.For special products that exceed the outer diameter and wire diameter can be customized to solve various winding problems.

Honest focuses on customized production of motor production line manufaucturer.Honest is a collection of r &d, production, sales for the integration of high-tech industry companies. The company's main production equipment includes winding machines and a customized automatic line. Winding machines contain:  Stator precision wire winding machine, Block stator winding machine, Multi-slot stator automatic winding machine, Motor stator inner and Automatic winding equipment for motor stator inside and outside, Pump high-speed winding machine, fan high-speed winding machine, Skew rotor winding machine, etc. They are widely used in medical, aviation, automotive, home appliances, power tools and other industries. Automatic lines include a Complete set of fully automated motor assembly equipment, Fully automated motor assembly equipment for new energy vehicles, 3C and other automation equipment.

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