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What is the key point of the hairpin motor assembly

The standard hairpin wire needs a high requirement for heat resistance, surface insulation properties, and durability. The degree of eccentricity within the process can influence the parameter. Therefore the hairpin motor production line needs high cost with the complicated technology. It is not easy to accomplish the hairpin motor production line.


The hairpin wire needs to be stripped of the terminal insulation layer. But the copper wire spreads with an insulation layer and it relies on a high technical machine to ensure the protection and efficiency when large-scale production. And the next process is paper insertion. The hairpin wire is pre-install on the mold, then the stator is inserted and as a result of the long terminal part, to reach better stability the machine will twist the stator because the wire head gathers in one place. So it needs the machine to twist the wire head to adjust the position. The more layers of flat wire, the more points need to be soldered. So it needs high technical laser welding method to solve the wire problem. It also needs more time at the welding point. At last, it needs the protection of the layer and the wire head process.

There is a question that why the hairpin winding needs a high requirement? Why this technical process can't be applied to the plaid version of the carbon fiber sleeve motor? Because the motor speed of plaid can be as high as 20,000 rpm, and the frequency of the motor can reach more than 1,000 Hz under ultra-high-speed operation. In the high-speed section, due to the skin effect and proximity effect, the efficiency advantage of replacing the flat wire winding is not obvious. Therefore, the advantage of the motor flat wire with ultra-high-speed is not obvious.


Except for the kelvin effect, the weak back EMF adjustment when the hairpin motor empty running also can be a hard point. The ability of products to match different voltage platforms to adjust no-load back EMF is not as good as that of round wire motors, so there is a rumor that Tesla's large-scale replacement of motors is caused by insufficient production capacity.


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