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HONEST DC Motor Equipment Application

HONEST focuses on the R&D and production of motor winding machine. The motors produced by DC motor winding machines have a wide range of uses. Application includes:



1. Automobile: air conditioning controller, rearview mirror adjustment, headlight adjustment, window lift, seat adjustment, etc.

2. Home appliances: hairdryer, blender, vacuum cleaner, CD player, etc.

3. Personal care: shaver, electric toothbrush, curling iron, etc.

4.Office device: printers, scanners, copiers, fax machines, paper shredders, digital cameras, etc.

5. Electrical tools: electric drill, screwdriver, etc.

6. Medical treatment: sphygmomanometer.

7.Others: four-wheel drive, rail car, helicopter, model airplane, boat, game console, etc.


Micro-motors have become important components for industrial machinery and equipment, electrical products, automobiles, motorcycles, office devices, and the demand is increasing.

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