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Motor Application Fields Produced by Micro-Motor Equipment

With the increasing demand for micro motors, traditional manual and semi-automated production can't meet the market's demand for motors. Many motor manufacturers have accepted fully automatic motor manufacturing equipment. Reduce labor costs and improve the output and quality of the motor. Honest focuses on the development and production of micro-motor production lines, and 13 years of manufacturing experience has helped to realize unmanned production workshops for motor manufacturers. In addition to the assembly of the motor, it also includes the assembly of other functional parts. Such as the gear reducer motor automatic assembly line. Not only the motor part can be assembled, but also the gear part can be assembled. We can make flexible solutions according to customers' product and process requirements.



The general applications of motors produced by our micro motor equipment include the following industry:


1. Automobile motor. With the popularization of automobiles, people's needs are also increasing. The automatic quantitative electronic fuel injection system replaces the traditional carburetor, and the ABS brakes are replaced by motors. Automobile has increased from a dozen motors to 30 or 40, and even more than 80 motors are used. The starter motor of motorcycles has replaced the pedaling method, the diversification of portable rechargeable electric tools, and the electric vehicles required for environmental protection in the future have great market opportunities.


2. Household motor. Including hair dryers, electric shavers, electric toothbrushes, household health care equipment, electronic locks, special tools, etc. Although it is a relatively mature market, the new model emphasizes the multi-function, energy saving, low noise, and low vibration of the product, which is in line with the high-quality effect of the future design, production and testing of home appliances. The market will significantly grow in the future.


3. Medical motor. Hospital outpatient micro-motors are used for diagnosis and treatment/inspection/analysis and other machinery and equipment. There are more and more varieties of high-precision small motors used in such products, and the number increases rapidly. With electronic control, high added value.


4. Electric tool motor. The shift from industrial motors to household tool motors has increased the market share of advanced power tools and household electrical products. The higher the performance requirements of the motor, the better the development of this industry.


5. Office equipment motors. Such as printers, multifunction printers(MFP), vending machines, etc.




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